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Animal Crossing Characters for Middle School Readers

Isabelle (しずえ Shizue?) is a dog who debuts in New Leaf. She assists the player in whose new role as the town mayor as a secretary and assistant. She is also the twin sister of Digby, who works and stands at the front entrance to the Happy Home Showcase. She also appeared in the spin-off games Happy Home Designer, Amiibo Festival, and Pocket Camp.
Isabelle is friendly, polite, hardworking and eager to help the player in any tasks she can assist with. She is keen to make the town a better place to live in by encouraging the player to do tasks and Public Works Projects throughout the town.
For her, the town she works in is like a family, she knows the ins and outs of it, and has enough influence to make a villager stop undesirable behavior - such as making them change their clothes or stop them from saying an unwanted catchphrase. Otherwise, she seems to prefer to not want to confront them.
On the Valentine's day event in New Leaf, she appears embarrassed in the introductory segment and sends them a chocolate cake. This may be because of her shyness, or a crush on the player which is debatable because the letter sent to the player is about gratitude.
If the player disappears or becomes absent for awhile, Isabelle takes in the workload of the mayor herself until the player returns. In Happy Home Designer, she complains about mayors destroying the town or disappearing, making her overwhelmed and stressed with all the work.
She's clumsy and a little bit of an airhead but very intelligent, her twin brother Digby remarks she got engineering degrees at nineteen different universities
Both siblings grew up in a cardboard box which Digby has fond memories of. The two siblings used to fight when they were puppies because Isabelle couldn't help but be mischievous and want to eat her brother's shoes. Now they get along great but Isabelle confesses she still feels tempted to eat her brother's shoes whenever he gets a new pair.
In New Horizons, snooty villagers can comment how easy to talk to and wise she is, and express desire in keeping her company. While Smug villagers say that she is the real brains of your island.