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President Coin


The Hunger Games Character Guide

President Alma Coin is the leader of District 13. She is described as having gray hair that falls in an unbroken sheet to her shoulders and gray eyes that look like "all the color was sucked away" and "slush that you wish would melt away".
She has a special dislike of Katniss and mentions that Katniss is more useful to her dead than alive. It is also revealed that she wanted Peeta rescued from the Third Quarter Quell, instead of Katniss. During the assault on Capitol, Coin deliberately places Peeta in Katniss's squad to endanger Katniss's life, which Snow had warned about for he and Coin had been political rivals.
After taking over the Capitol, Alma becomes the "interim president" of Panem and proposes a final Hunger Games with the Capitol children as tributes. She is publicly killed by Katniss at President Snow's execution after Katniss concludes that Coin was responsible for the bombing that proved fatal to Primrose and many Capitol children.