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Lilo & Stitch


Guide to Animated Disney Movies

Lilo & Stitch is a 2002 American animated science fiction comedy-drama film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film's story revolves around two eccentric and mischievous individuals, a six-year-old Hawaiian girl named Lilo Pelekai, who is raised by her 19-year-old sister Nani after their parents died in a car accident, and a blue extraterrestrial animal-like creature called Experiment 626, who is adopted by Lilo as her dog and renamed Stitch. Stitch, who is genetically engineered by his mad scientist creator to cause chaos and destruction, initially uses Lilo to avoid being captured by an intergalactic federation, but the two individuals develop a close bond through the Hawaiian concept of ohana, or extended family. This bond causes Stitch to reconsider and later defy his intended destructive purpose in order to keep his family together.
Dr. Jumba Jookiba, an extraterrestrial mad scientist, is arrested by the Galactic Federation for illegal genetic experimentation, as evidenced by a small blue sentient alien named Experiment 626, who has unparalleled strength and intelligence but also a propensity to cause chaos. The Grand Councilwoman sentences 626 to banishment on a remote asteroid. However, 626 is able to escape with his wits and strength and randomly flees toward Earth. The Councilwoman then sends Jumba and Agent Pleakley, the Council's Earth expert, to capture 626. Upon landing on Hawaii, 626 is knocked unconscious by three trucks and is taken in by an animal shelter.
Meanwhile, on Kauaʻi, Hawaii, a young woman named Nani Pelekai works as a waitress. One day, social worker Cobra Bubbles expresses increasing concern whether Nani is able to take adequate care of her rambunctious, disobedient, and lonely younger sister, Lilo. Since Lilo has been ostracized by her hula classmates, Nani decides to let her adopt a dog. At an animal shelter, Lilo immediately takes a keen interest in 626, who is impersonating a dog. In spite of Nani's doubts, Lilo renames 626 Stitch, and shows him around the island.
That evening, at the restaurant where Nani works, Jumba and Pleakley try to capture Stitch, but fail. The indescribable chaos is blamed on Stitch, which results in Nani getting fired. The next day, Cobra Bubbles warns her that unless she finds another job, he will have to place Lilo with a foster family. However, Stitch's antics, which occur in the course of his evasion of his two pursuers, persistently ruin Nani's chances of finding work.
Nani's friend David invites her, Lilo, and Stitch to enjoy a day of surfing and beach fun. While Nani, Lilo, and Stitch ride a huge wave, Jumba makes one final effort to capture Stitch from underwater, causing Stitch to unintentionally pull Lilo underwater. They survive, but Cobra witnesses this event and tells Nani that, although she means well, Lilo has to be taken away unless Nani finds another job. Seeing how much trouble he has caused, a remorseful Stitch runs off into the night.
The next morning, the Councilwoman fires Jumba and Pleakley from their assignment and gives it to the galaxy's oversized militant captain, Captain Gantu. Meanwhile, David informs Nani of a job opportunity, which she excitedly rushes off to pursue. Stitch, hiding in the nearby woods, encounters Jumba, who chases him back to Nani's house. A fight ensues which blows up the house; Cobra arrives to collect Lilo and take her away.
As Nani and Cobra argue, Lilo runs away into the woods and finds Stitch, who reveals his alien identity just before they are captured by Gantu. Stitch manages to escape from Gantu's ship and is confronted by Nani. Before he can explain, Jumba and Pleakley capture Stitch themselves. Nani demands that they help her rescue Lilo, but Jumba and Pleakley insists they only came for Stitch. When Nani breaks down, Stitch reminds her about ohana, a term for family he learned from Lilo earlier, and convinces Jumba to help rescue Lilo. Jumba, Pleakley, Stitch, and Nani all board Jumba's personal spaceship and chase after Gantu, rescuing Lilo.
Back on the shore, the Grand Councilwoman arrives on Earth preparing to take Stitch into custody and is forced to retire Gantu for putting Lilo in danger and blames Jumba for the mess. Before Stitch goes into the spaceship, he tells the Councilwoman of how he found his broken family and how much it means to them. Lilo then insists that, because Stitch is her pet under local law, taking him away would be tantamount to stealing. The Grand Councilwoman is so impressed with Stitch's newfound civility and empathy that she goes against the prior decision of the Federation and decrees that Stitch will live in a peaceful exile on Earth. He will be entrusted to the care of Lilo and Nani, and the Councilwoman asks Cobra, who is revealed to be a former CIA agent that she previously met in 1973, to watch over them.
Lilo, Nani, and their newfound friends rebuild their house, and Jumba and Pleakley become members of Nani, Lilo, and Stitch's family, and they all build a new life together.